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Design and Build

Bramham International horse trials Evansjumps swans carvings water jump


Evansjumps design and build cross country tracks to suit every level of horse and rider, from private schooling and pony club courses to national and international competitions. See our cross-country courses for more information.



The process begins with looking at the lie of the land and planning the track, using existing landscape features and watercourses, and sometimes planning new features! Groundworks can be undertaken, including the digging out and preparation of new water jumps, and revetting ditches and banks (new or existing)- Here Mike explains the process (opens in Facebook).


Most modern cross-country jumps are portable. Evansjumps portable cross country jumps can be made on or off-site and can be designed in many styles, to suit horses and riders of all capabilities. Portables can be stored undercover over winter, which increases their longevity. They help with the management of sites where cross-country courses share venues with other events: Leeds music festival takes place at Bramham, for example, and the Hong Kong Olympic track used the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Golf Course!


Designing a cross country course must first and foremost take into account the safety of the horse and rider. Obstacles must be built and sited to be challenging for the rider but set at distances and with eye-lines, colours and material contrasts which the horse can read clearly at some distance. David explains the 2017 CCI at Blenheim.


Once the cross-country jumps are put into place, they need to be fixed to the ground, and technical safety elements such as frangible pins and mim clips installed. Here, Carl explains Mim clips (opens in Facebook). When all the physical elements are in place, brush fences are dressed with freshly-cut birch and greenery, and the jumps are given a coat of paint, or sanded, adding visual definition. Other important final touches include the addition of Christmas trees, flowers and greenery, which add sight lines for the horses, helping to guide them towards, then over the cross-country jumps. Beautiful artificial flowers and foliage are provided and installed by Mary Kennerley and Kate Dunn. Click here to email the flowerladies!

West Oxfordshire-20140909-00632.jpg

Experienced members of the Evansjumps team form an emergency cross-country repair team on cross-country day. With appropriate training, vehicles, plant machinery (and wellies), whatever the combination of weather and ground conditions, the Evansjumps team will be on hand to take on the circumstances of the day!


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